Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How Great the Goal

 I bought this watercolor journal when Glen and I went on our cruise in the Mediterranean.  I never used it.  Our days were so full and I really soaked in every minute, so it was ok.  So, when I packed it in my bag again, I thought maybe this trip would be different.  Well, thanks to my daughter, it happened.  She packed her paper and paints, too!  The best was when we were going to the first stop, she suggested we bring cups.  I was shocked at what a great idea that was.  Then she said we could use sea water to paint with.  Well, that was brilliant!!!!
I painted three pages at three different ports.  I will continue to use the book and continue painting when I am waterside and using that water in the painting.  I love setting goals and intentions.  But, to follow through is the BEST feeling.  Thankful to have the company of my daughter on this vacation, and creating such great memories, that are now documented for memory keeping!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome 2017

Each year I try to pick a picture that represents the best of the year before, and pick a word going into the new year.  This year it was so simple to pick a picture.  This was the end of our trip to Europe.  We are tan and relaxed.  I am wearing a dress that seems to have been made for the background.  I bought the dress with a goal I had earlier in the year.  I knew I was going on this trip.  I saw a picture of the dress and wanted it very badly.  It wasn't really in the budget.  So, I decided to try to lose some weight on my own.  For every five pounds I lost I would buy a dress.  I only bought this one and bought it a few days before my interview at April Cornell.  
The word I chose for last year was flow, so it made sense how everything for me personally seemed to go with the flow.  The more I just went with everything and not fought against it, the better it was for me.  The loss of my brother on the other hand, was a whole other story.   That was one of the most challenging, saddest and emotional things I have ever have gone through.  I did have to take it all off myself and leave it into the hands of God, though.  I am most of all amazed at how he hung on to life so strongly at the end.  I am grateful he hung on like that, but it became so hard to see because he was suffering and couldn't really talk very well at the end.  
The year of 2016 was very good to my children, Glen and I.  We traveled, we went to as many shows Ian played in as we could, watched Kaylyn paint and sell many paintings.  They both would work full time jobs and pursue their dreams in the Arts.  Glen continued to drive a school bus and carried on Greetings from Geralyn by doing many Street Fairs and the Bazaar in Convention Hall.   I started a new job with a company I have always loved.  April Cornell says "Live like an artist.  Enjoy the beauty of the everyday".
So, this year of 2017 I chose the word Rise.  It is partly because of the staircase I climbed to get this picture.  Because as I climbed these steps; feelings stirred, surprises happened, health challenges arose and beauty unfolded.   It felt like life itself.  And it felt extremely good to climb those stairs and rise to the top.  That is what I would like 2017 to be.  I know it will be challenging and I am grateful to climb with the help of my friends, co-workers and family.  Looking forward to all that 2017 brings.  Happy New Year!