Thursday, July 25, 2019

Like a sunflower.....I will follow the sun

Some days are more challenging then others.  On Tuesday I was truly challenged by many things that were out of my control.  We went from extreme heat to a nasty storm that left widespread power outages in the state of New Jersey.  April Cornell in Spring Lake was closed due to no electricity for more then 24 hours.  My mom fell over the weekend and fractured her arm and hurt her back, so I was getting phone calls from the hospital about where she was going to go next for physical therapy.  My children are both great, but still worry as Ian is traveling all over the country and Kaylyn is pregnant. I have been listening to morning meditations about relationships and yesterday I woke up thinking about sunflowers.  I quickly picked up my journal I started last year and started writing.  I just know Tuesday ended badly for me, but listening to a song really cheered me up.  It was " Roll Away the Stone" by Mumford and Sons.  I think Tuesday was so hard, because it made me think of the aftermath of Sandy.  I kept telling myself everything would be alright, but I had my doubts.  Sometimes I just have to get out of my own way!
I woke up Wednesday morning thinking about sunflowers.  I quickly gathered the sunflowers I painted last year (on the gray papers) and the one with lilacs I painted this Spring from a bouquet my children had given me for Easter.  I started writing my thoughts and how much I would like to paint sunflowers and listen to a playlist.  I went to you tube and listened to Paul McCartney "I'll follow the sun" and Mumford and Sons "Roll Away the Stone" and felt so much better.  After writing where I would like to travel to, I realized I would just be as content to search these places on the web.
    I then went to meditate and the quote for the day was: " Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine" Ralph Waldo Emerson.   Then later in the day on Facebook, the graphics fairy shared a post of a sunflower with a quote.  I shared it and this morning wanted to write in the comments, what I am writing today.  So, it made me think I should do it as a blog post!  I haven't posted in seven months!   I have had a great seven months and have been very busy, but so glad this inspired me to write, journal and keep in mind how much music can lift my spirits and stir my soul.  Hope you are following the sun today!  If not listen to these songs and maybe they will help you too!

Mumford & Sons Roll Away Your Stone Live At Red Rocks

Paul McCartney - I'll Follow The Sun

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Looking for the Good in Life

Happy 2019!   Going into the New Year hopeful, but as always a little challenged.  The last week I have enjoyed Facebook and all the positive posts.  I am going to challenge myself this year and try to post one picture, with how there is much more positivity to life to bring to light.  It has been ten years since I started blogging.  I was so proud of myself and it really has gotten away from my daily routine.  But, this year I will try to realistically try to post each day.  (Uh-oh.....I wrote it.... I better make it happen!)  I chose one of my favorite subjects to start with:  MACARONS!  In my first blog I wrote about them here
 on our trip to Paris ten years ago.  What a difference ten years make:  This is a picture I took in London in 2017!  So happy to have made it to Europe two more times during the last decade!  
When I came home from Paris ten years ago, I couldn't even taste a Macaron from Laduree in the United States.....NOW look at all the locations:  Laduree in the United States     

Saturday, September 8, 2018

April Cornell Headquarters in Burlington, Vermont

 As you walk into the store this poem is to the left
 What a beautiful welcome to the store
 Flowers....everywhere....even painted on the pavement....
Butterflies perfect for selfies!
 The clothesline

Love the colors, love the detail, love the whimsicality, love how it is a true reflection of April Cornell's color palette and love of nature!  A very welcome addition to her building in Burlington, Vermont.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Hampden, Baltimore Window Display Inspiration

 Hampden is a section of Baltimore that my daughter loves to share with me when we visit.  Above is the record store.
 Milagro was my favorite store front of my first visit to town.
 The next visit my favorite storefront and store was Trohv
 Each window was draped with different color tickets
 The colors are a wonderful color for the background with a vintage feel.
It gave a glow and a feeling of fun at a fair.  A great feeling to have while you are shopping.
Was happy to see a book by Meeralee in the store.  She is working  on a new journal and I still have to go back to Sea and Green in Asbury Park to get a copy of her book "My Friend Fear".

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Covent Garden Window Display Inspiration

One of my favorite parts of walking through Covent Gardens was to see the mix of vendors and storefronts and how they displayed their merchandise.  To see macarons from Laduree, across the street from a sneaker vendor, I became more intrigued on how this could all flow together, but it did.  I liked how the store windows used a theme and it seemed to be some manufactured visuals and some home made.  I liked the themes.  The birds, clouds, ice-cream, flowers, butterflies all made you feel joy, light and carefree.  This was done with images, merchandise and color.  The soaps in the cart merchandised like a fruit stall was genius.

Like a sunflower.....I will follow the sun

Some days are more challenging then others.  On Tuesday I was truly challenged by many things that were out of my control.  We went from e...