Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bruce Springsteen: A Photographic Journey

 A panel discussion with Danny Clinch, Ed Gallucci, Eric Meola, Barry Schneider,  and Frank Stefanko and moderated by Robert Santelli.  I had already met Danny Clinch and Frank Stefanko and  both were kind enough to take a picture with me and sign my album covers.  But, I really wanted to meet Bob Santelli and get Eric Meola to sign my Born to Run the unseen photos book.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity.  The seminar was held in the McCosh Lecture Hall which was an extra treat to sit in the beautiful architecture on Princeton Campus.  The meet and greet was held in the Morvin Museum, and was lovely with refreshments and wine and beer were served. We sold Bob Santelli's book in our store at Greetings from Geralyn, so I really wanted to talk, and get my picture taken with him.  He was really nice.  I am so impressed with his career.  He used to write for the Asbury Park Press and is now the Executive Director of the Grammy Museum.  His book "Greetings from E Street" is also set up like a scrapbook which I love with great reproductions of early posters, set lists and even a Stone Pony napkin.  His input of the influence of Asbury Park on Springsteen is extensive. I also wanted to get Eric Meola to sign a book called "Born to Run the unseen photos".  I had him sign right above the Elvis Presley button.  Because that is my favorite part of the book.  You can't really see the button on the album cover, but you can see it clearly in these pictures

Another nice conversation I had was with Ed Gallucci.  I was thinking how my favorite part of watching a Springsteen concert is the joy he exudes on stage with his smile.  But the photographs on the album covers don't reflect that.  But, when you walk into Ed Gallucci's room full of photos at the exhibition he captured Bruce's smile in most of his photos, like the one below.

 I ended the reception talking to Frank Stefanko who took the pictures of Bruce for Darkness on the Edge of Town, The River and the cover of Bruce's new book "Born to Run".  It was a great event and exhibit.   The exhibit runs until May 21, 2017 and for more info visit morven.org.  You can catch Frank Stefanko again on April 6 at 7pm  with the seminar:  Springsteen on the Radio 1973-21st Century.