Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to feel like a kid before Christmas again:

Kim Laws who I still don't think I have met face to face, yet.  I would buy her product and they all were adorned with a ticket with JOY on it.  I followed her blog:, and I am friends with her on Facebook.  I love what she makes.  A few weeks ago I saw an invitation for an Artist Trading Card Swap and I jumped at the chance!
 I forgot to take a picture of the actual card, but I couldn't wait to make them.  I bought netflix for the first time and put Gilmore Girls on and had some Starbucks (which is a big treat I rarely indulge in) and I got busy.  It was a 6 for 6 card swap:  Here is the box they came in and Kim Laws was so generous to include an ornament  and a tag pretty enough to use as an ornament too.  If there is a link I included that.  One was anonymous. 
 Here's what the package looked like.  Kim Laws you are awesome!!!
 Waiting for Santa by Mary Walden
 Christmas Wishes by Kim Laws
JoAnne at

 This was beautiful front and back.  Joyeaux Noel by Terri Wilerson

 Cathy Steal
And this was the beautiful ornament Kim included.  The theme of the ATC swap was White Christmas.  I love swaps, because making these little cards are so fun.  Then the anticipation of waiting for the package.  I just can't decide if I should make a garland or use them as ornaments for the tree.


  1. I love these. I haven't been in a swap for a long time. I think I need to start again!

  2. Mark Montano had something on his Facebook page for a Valentine's day atc swap he is hosting. I still remember your little bottles you sweet.

  3. All beautiful! Can't wait for my returns. You received one of mine-the girl with the bottle brush tree. (Sorry, think the printout of my name on the back was faint.)

  4. Oh I am so glad, now I can link it to you! Loved yours, so pretty. Love the teeny tiny bottle brush tree!

  5. I received one of your beautiful ATCs, Geralyn. So pretty! This was a wonderful swap, wasn't it?

  6. Just saw this now. Yes! This was a wonderful swap. A good amount of time to make the cards and love how Kim would package everything. I ended up making a swag with the cards. It won't come down for awhile. LOVE all of them!