Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blinded by the Light

Sometimes money can't buy what you really need to read or have.  Sometimes you already possess it and have to revisit all that you have.  Since, we started the record part of Greetings from Geralyn, we would spend a lot of time going through the big collection of records.  In the beginning we would use what we needed and threw away what we didn't.  This could become a problem, but a lot of time has been spent, mostly on Glen's end "weeding" out all of the records.  I am naturally a saver, and have been trying to control myself and not save everything.  But, this is one of my favorite finds!  I found it in a Janis Joplin record.  It was how Columbia records in the early days would promote other Artists within.  It is a record sleeve called the "Inner Sleeve".  It included Miles Davis, The Birds, and Bruce Springsteen.  It is marketing Bruce Springsteen as a writer and Artist.  I have been writing how my life has come full circle and this is one of those times.  I will see Bruce Springsteen for the third time in two weeks tomorrow.  I will go with my son(his birthday present) and my friend who we have seen Bruce together a number of times.  In summing up my admiration for Bruce Springsteen I would have to go to the beginning.  Which, is what he has been doing lately.  It is called the River tour, but he has been playing a lot from the Greetings from Asbury Park album.    I can say now I have seen him perform all the songs captioned on the little picture of Greetings from Asbury Park.  We even saw him do the acoustic "For You" in 2012 and were among only 600 people by the stage at the new Met Life.  Grateful is the one word I could use to describe how I feel to be able to witness such greatness.  I also would like to add I was in the pit that time and it was because of the customers at Greetings from Geralyn telling me how to accomplish that.  But, now we have regular seats.  I have to say I really need the seat and don't know how we did that a mere four years ago.  I really enjoy seeing all the hands in the air, the people dancing and really hearing everyone singing along when we sit far away.  I am looking forward to seeing Bruce and the E Street Band tomorrow and am ready for whatever surprises in the set list he has in store for us !  Like the ending of the inner sleeve written more than 40 years ago.  "Bruce is a writer that really has to be listened to."

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