Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How Great the Goal

 I bought this watercolor journal when Glen and I went on our cruise in the Mediterranean.  I never used it.  Our days were so full and I really soaked in every minute, so it was ok.  So, when I packed it in my bag again, I thought maybe this trip would be different.  Well, thanks to my daughter, it happened.  She packed her paper and paints, too!  The best was when we were going to the first stop, she suggested we bring cups.  I was shocked at what a great idea that was.  Then she said we could use sea water to paint with.  Well, that was brilliant!!!!
I painted three pages at three different ports.  I will continue to use the book and continue painting when I am waterside and using that water in the painting.  I love setting goals and intentions.  But, to follow through is the BEST feeling.  Thankful to have the company of my daughter on this vacation, and creating such great memories, that are now documented for memory keeping!

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