Friday, March 4, 2016

What inspires every single one of us?

 This is the card my parents gave me for my graduation from high school.  I still remember their face  after graduation when I was going out with my friends and not out to dinner with them.  I remember I didn't think I was that smart or did that well in high school.  When I found out I had to stand, because I was graduating with honors, I was stunned.  Honestly, I thought I was average.  When I read this card I took in every single word that was written to me.  I don't think I ever verbalized to my parents how much it meant to me.  But, it was a huge validation for me.  My parents took the time during a very chaotic time in our family.  I am so glad I saved this card and that I am sharing it with others.  In this world today, as I am writing this, I think it is so turbulent for just someone to feel like they are who they want to be.  Everything is so confusing and media driven.  It feels good today to turn off the TV and write this.  I feel we are inspired and influenced so much by our parents.  My parents both had a college education and I feel were both successful and I did feel a lot of pressure to be a success in their eyes.  After having children I then changed to feel the need to be successful in their eyes.  This is where my deep love of Art appreciation comes in.  My parents both painted before they had children.  I painted before I became a parent.  But, I haven't really painted since.  My daughter Kaylyn moved back in with us.  She spends most of her free time when not working.....painting.  Occasionally, I make it down stairs to my craft (crap) room and walk by her room.  Little by little she is pulling out my work from college.  She is pulling out pictures of string art created by my husband.  I then realize I have inspired her.  What a great feeling.  I look at this graduation card and I never knew what I wanted to be.  I was a waitress when I met Glen and hey, the money wasn't bad, but, I knew there was something out there more to reach for.  So, this year 2016 I am giving to myself.  I sort of did this when I first went back to work in 2013.  Last year I concentrated on putting my heart in our store, so I would have no regrets.  So, this year is a year for days off to fill the well.  Go with the flow......just see what happens.  It is off to a great start and I have been inspired in my travels and watching my children talents bloom.  I am setting goals in every part of my life such as my weight, finances, work, family, house and so far so good.  I, also have a problem with saving things....I guess that  is the hoarder gene in me.
 So, that is something I am working on too.  But, clearly this is something I saved and for good reason.  The quote on the front is priceless and timeless.  I can feel close to my dad even though he is gone.  I have their handwriting which is comforting.  It is all positive.  I love certain parts, especially the part about time accelerating and my love for peanut butter.  I love that their is the sky and seagull....very dreamy.  And, the colors.......I LOVE blue and white!!!  I want to be more creative this year and not too sure what I am going to do, yet.  But, I bought marking pens with every shade of blue.  Maybe, I will start journaling along with blogging.

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