Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I love you, baby, like the flower loves the spring

I love the line I used for the title of this post, it is from the song Mountain High River Deep which Darlene Love sings on her new album.  I have seen her perform the song live probably four times in the last few years.  On Monday night my son, Ian Gray, performed with Darlene Love.  He is pictured on the right of the horn players playing the trombone.   Ian told me last week he would be playing the gala in New York City and it would be a private event.  I was thrilled to see Darlene Love shared it would be the first live stream show she would perform.  Our cable went out on Friday and I ran to the cable store on Monday after work to get the new box and a half an hour before the performance we were able to hook up to the internet and by the time I found the right link it was one minute before the performance started.  
I was so happy she performed Among the Believers and Sweet Freedom.  They are very inspirational songs that have become on my list of songs to listen to.  Darlene Love sings from the soul and lifts you up.  She is 75 years old and brings all of her wisdom to life in her performances.  Sweet Freedom is a song for women.  I can't find the lyrics yet to share.  But, you can listen to it on her album Introducing Darlene Love or you tube.  Freedom is sweet and should be celebrated and this song shows this.  Sometimes it is just freedom from being fearful and we need to be released from the chains of what holds us back.  Fear no more.....sweet freedom is here!!!

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