Tuesday, May 10, 2016

One step up......two steps back

This year like many of my life comes with a bit of irony.  But, when I saw Ian play with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes as a substitute in New England I KNEW 2016 was and  is going to kick ass!!!!  The picture above is a picture that my son made sure I got and I am holding a flying saucer that the venue threw out to the audience before the show.  I was very lucky to get a ticket to the sold out venue, because I only decided to definitely attend that morning.  As I sat and watched the frisbees being thrown into the air I was thinking like I normally think.  There is NO way one of those 10 frisbees is going to make it to where I am sitting.  As they threw the last one, it went to the far left and bounced off the wall and literally landed in my lap.  Wow!   Below the pic of Southside and me is a signed set list from a 4th of July show at the Stone Pony.  I think it may have been the year Billy Walton played and they did a  meet and greet at the end.  But, what is that brown stain on the top right corner?   Well, that would be water damage from Sandy as the list was showcased in our store.  So, hence, my attitude of feeling like if something good happens to me, something is going to take that away and change the way I feel.  So, I try to have a good attitude and say life is like a roller coaster with it's ups and downs.  2016 has not been that different for me, except I have had some pretty amazing life changing experiences already.
  I would have written about how I got the job at April Cornell already, but at the very same time as I started the new job, my brother landed in the ICU for almost three weeks.  So, with the good I am still enduring the bad and really haven't felt like writing.  And, even writing today is a challenge.  I do believe this is longest I have gone without writing.  But, I will have a lot 
 to share this year.  But, as always I wait until after it happens so I don't jinx anything!  Love to share the one step up, but no need for you to hear about the two steps back!!!!  Oh yeah, ... and it is the year of the monkey.....so as I believe in magic or whatever it is that makes really amazing things  in my life happen......so stay tuned.

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